Mindful Outlook


This initiative began after a conversation concerning what we could do

to help restaurants, artists and freelancers to recover from the hit of the COVID-19 situation. We came up with the idea of having a gallery show inside Capricho Cafe and creating a community to support our creativity community.

Every three weeks a different artist will be showcasing their work

which is available for purchasing.

Meet our artists

1st-21st of June:

Astrid Niari

I’m an Amsterdam-based Italian designer and I love making beautiful things with my hands. Motivated by the expression of an interesting idea, I want to help change the world with beautiful design. My aim is to give back to nature some of the beauty that humans have destroyed, celebrating the aesthetic awesomeness that lies in the raw. When I’m not designing, you can find me in the ocean on my surfboard.

You can purchase my work at the restaurant or contacting me through Instragam :)

Let's meet up there first beer is on me!

A3= 35€             A2= 55€

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Next artist

22th of June- 12th of July